Our History

Sea Trade Financial - Our History

We understand business growth better than most, because we started small and built our success story from the ground up.

Founded by Enrique J. Perez after 11 years in South Florida’s commercial furniture market, Sea Trade started life as a small, but well-regarded international import/export business. It’s still successful today, although we’ve diversified and expanded considerably since Enrique started the company all those years ago.

Sea Trade Worldwide Co. Ltd, specialising in prefabricated houses, container houses, modular villas and metal structures, soon became the second member of the Sea Trade family and was an immediate success, helping to rebuild Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and becoming recognised as a sector leader within a few short months of its launch.

Three years later, with both companies an unqualified commercial success, Sea Trade entered the oil and derivatives export markets, forming Sea Trade CM, and quickly built an enviable reputation for logistics innovation.

Success came fast, leading to rapid international growth across the crude oil and refinery markets in both the US and Europe.

Further expansion followed with the launch of Equinoxplanet GRT CI Corporation and Equinoxplanet Grt Ci S A S in Miami in 2016. Dedicated to low carbon engineering, both companies developed portfolios of sustainable environmental solutions using technology innovation around renewable energy generators.

With the Sea Trade group of companies now operating across multiple global product, services and financial markets, the creation of Sea Trade Financial was a logical next step.

The aim? To ensure the extensive expertise and knowledge of financial solutions that has driven our own global success story is available to any company that has an ambition to achieve commercial success at home and overseas.

Sea Trade Financial, which also operates trading arms in both Columbia and the Dominican Republic, is now an internationally-recognised financial services provider, offering support services that include:

  • DLC and SBLC letters of credit;
  • Paymaster loans and professional advice;
  • Responsible, competitively agile financial consulting to drive business growth wherever you trade
  • Banking services
  • Prepaid credit cards

Just as we understand how to make the most of our future and yours, we also try not to forget where we came from.

We created the non-profit organization Innocent Hearts, which is dedicated to helping neglected, homeless and impoverished children in the world whose homes are the streets of the cities in which they fight to survive.

The organization is especially focused on helping children in Venezuela, a country experiencing an acute humanitarian crisis, but providing monetary support, food and shelter to help improve their social, health and nutritional wellbeing.

It also champions the human and humanitarian rights to which we believe all children are entitled but for which too few work to defend.

Our work in this area is also the inspiration for our company motto:

We must protect innocence

If Sea Trade Financial shares your ethos and commitment to success, we’d love to talk to you about how our services can help you to grow and thrive in a highly competitive market.