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For businesses trading in and with the United States, having US-based commercial banking agility gives you an edge over your competitors. Having an American business bank account and all the benefits that go with it gives you optimum financial agility at the lowest possible cost.

Our skilled consultants can establish your company’s business banking profile quickly and with a minimum of fuss, letting you manage, invest and save money in the way that’s best suited to your organisation’s needs.

With our help, you’ll get:

Platinum Business Checking Account

A premium bank account that comes with unrivalled benefits, including:

• The purchasing power and ATM convenience of a business debit card.
• Avoid the monthly service fee on up to two Additional Platinum Checking accounts when linked to a Platinum Business Checking account.
• No fee for stop payments, cashier’s checks, and money orders.

Certificates of Deposits Business Time Accounts

A Business Time Account, also known as a CD, is designed for business owners benefiting from cash reserves that can be invested for a specified length of time and at a competitive fixed rate of interest over the deposit term.

It offers competitive fixed interest rates with flexible terms and offers attractive returns the longer the term of the investment.

Because CDs come with the security of the government-protected FDIC insurance, they’re generally considered a low-risk for investors who are able to commit to a long-term investment strategy.

Business Platinum Credit Card

This secured premium credit card offers a convenient and straightforward opportunity for businesses looking to establish or rebuild their business credit. It’s a convenient way to pay for everyday business expenses and a smart alternative to cash or checks.

Business Loans/Lines of Credit

A business loan is a simple financing solution that quickly injects capital into your business for larger expenses and which you can over a specified period with no requirement to put up additional collateral as a guarantee.

Business loans, or lines of credit, are the ideal solution for businesses looking to:

• Invest in expansion, facility remodelling or new product development
• Take advantage of flexible 2- to 5-year loan terms offering repayment options to fit your budget
• Access quick capital and loan amounts of between $10,000 and $100,000
• Borrow against low fixed interest rates that start at 7.50%

Convenient Investment Management

With a bank account, you can plan, select, and monitor your investment portfolio with robust tools and reliable, independent investment resources.

Benefits include:

• Enter trades for stocks, no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and options
• Quick overview of account activity, balances, holding detail, gains and losses and open orders
• Real-time quotes, charts and symbol look-up

  • On-demand market news, data and index information
  • Alerts and status monitoring for your balances, trades, and transfers

If you’d like to know more about Sea Trade Financial and the banking services we offer, we’d love talk to you about the support we can offer your business.